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Paint Express 1.31

Paint Express makes it easy to create bitmaps, icons, and cursors
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Paint Express is a shareware utility program for Windows. This application makes it easy for us to edit our images and create bitmaps, icons, and cursors. From the program interface, we can browse our entire computer directory and open an image with any of the following extensions: BMP, JPEG, JPG, and PNG. Then, Paint Express opens the especified image as a new bitmap image. We are allowed to edit, crop, rotate, flip vertical/horizontal, invert, and resize the new image. It is possible to apply paint tools (pencil, brush, eraser, pick color, make a selection, draw a line, etc) and use the colour palette. This program also features photo editing tools such as filters, and effects. Once we have finished editing the image, we can go on and create a new bitmap, icon, or cursor. When creating any of these elements, we can customize a few options (name, color depth, and size). In addition, the Capture option at the toolbar allows us to take screenshots of the whole desktop, just a window, region, or fixed region. Moreover, all the images can be printed, and saved as .bmp files. It is possible to evaluate this program free of charge.

Review summary


  • It is very easy to create icons, bitmaps, and cursors
  • Free Demo


  • Pixel resize only
  • It only allows to save images as BMP
  • Vista is not supported
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